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Great experiences require great processes. Trademark law is no exception. By distilling over a decade of trademark law experience into intake forms that I designed, I am able to both educate you and gather the information I’ll need to assist you with your matter. This increases the speed at which I can process your matter. I also leverage document automation to deliver high-quality, custom documents in a fraction of the time of a traditional law firm.

If you are retaining Joshua IP as legal counsel, our process always includes Steps 1 and 2 below — Steps 3 and beyond depend on the specific matter. 

Example: Trademark Application Process

Complete Intake Form

First, you'll complete the Joshua IP intake form applicable to your matter. Each intake form is built on advanced conditional logic -- allowing me to ask more, less or different questions based upon your answers. 

Step 1

Schedule Zoom Call

Upon completing the intake form, you are redirected to my calendar where you will schedule a Zoom call to discuss your matter with me at a time that is convenient for you.

Step 2

Engagement Letter & Payment

Sign our engagement letter and make payment.

Step 3

Knockout Search

I perform a preliminary trademark knockout search of prior applied-for or registered marks with the USPTO that appear to be obvious conflicts. I send you any findings.

Step 4

Approve Application Details

I send you proposed filing details for your application for you to review and approve.

Step 5

Application is Filed

I send you the final application to sign electronically and complete the filing of your application. I send you a confirmation of the filing. 

Step 6

USPTO Review

It typically takes 3-4 months before a trademark examining attorney at the USPTO is assigned to your application and performs a review. The examining attorney will either approve your application for publication, or if they believe there is an issue or obstacle, will issue an Office Action explaining the issue or obstacle. 

Step 7


If your application is published and not opposed, it will register if the application was filed based on actual use in commerce (with some exceptions). If your application was filed based on your intent to use the mark for any goods/services, the application will not register until after you file a Statement of Use. 

Final Step

Innovation through automation and experience design.

5-Star Trademark Experience