Trademark Availability Searches

Availability Searches

*Fees are subject to change in accordance with our terms of use

If you’re filing a trademark application with Joshua IP, one (1) preliminary trademark knockout is included as part of your legal fee (requires paying for application upfront). If you need a more in-depth search performed, just want to a preliminary search without filing an application, or wish to check the availability of multiple trademarks, the below options are available.

*Below price are for USA availability searches

Knockout Search

One Trademark

$ 249
  • Includes knockout search for a single word mark in 1 Class

Knockout Search

Two Trademarks

$ 399
  • Includes knockout search for 2 different word marks in 1 Class

Knockout Search

Three Trademarks

$ 499
  • Includes knockout search for 3 different word marks in 1 Class
Best Deal

Trademark Availabilty Search

$ 1499
  • Includes comprehensive trademark search report for 1 word mark
  • Search covers USPTO records, state trademark records and various common law records, domain names and websites
  • Includes short opinion of findings