Trademark Office Actions

Office Actions

*Fees are subject to change in accordance with our terms of use


The cost to respond to an Office Action depends upon the complexity of the Office Action. A fixed fee to prepare a response can be provided after I understand the issues involved in your Office Action. As a general guide, fixed fee pricing typically falls into the categories below.


$ 499
  • Disclaimers
  • Simple amendment to identification of goods/services
  • Simple specimen issues
  • Response to simple request for information
  • Translation statements


$ 1499
  • Any issues covered by Basic package plus detailed response on one single issue from below list
  • 2(d) likelihood of confusion refusal
  • Descriptivness refusal
  • Surname refusal
  • Claim of acquired distinctiveness


$ 2499
  • Combination of multiple issues (up to three) covered by Standard package requiring detailed responses

*Above issues are just representative examples and not an exclusive list. 
*In some cases, responding to an Office Action requires the payment of government fees (but not always). Government fees are not included in the above pricing and would be due prior to filing a response to your Office Action.

What is an Office Action?

After an application is filed, it is reviewed by a Trademark Examining Attorney at the USPTO.  An Office Action is a letter from the Examining Attorney explaining why registration is being refused (or preliminarily being refused), or requiring that the Applicant provide additional information or make a modification to the application.

Why do Office Actions issue?

Office Actions can issue for many different reasons, some being simple issues and other being more complex. Some of the most common reasons the USPTO issues offices actions are (1) likelihood of confusion with a prior registration or application, (2) problems with a specimen and (3) disclaimer requests for descriptive terms. For more information on these issues as well as other grounds that can be raised in an Office Action check out Law & Answers

If I hire Joshua IP to respond to my Office Action is there any guarantee my trademark will register?

No. There are no guarantees your mark will register. Some issues are easier to address than others. Once I know what the issues in your Office Action are, I will have a better idea of how simple or challenging they may be.