Copyright Demand Letters

Demand Letters

*Fees are subject to change in accordance with our terms of use

If you received a demand letter alleging trademark or copyright infringement, or if you need to send a demand letter to an infringer, Joshua IP can help. 

Sometimes all that’s needed is a simple demand letter or response to achieve a desired outcome, other times resolution requires lots of back-and-forth negotiations.

Joshua IP offers fixed fees for many discrete tasks, such as initial letter preparation, or responding to a letter. Once I know what your issues are, I can provided you with a fixed fee quote for specific tasks.

The amount of back-and-forth negotiation that may be required with another party is impossible to predict, so you can choose to have me handle negotiation on an hourly basis, or if cost is a concern, take over the negotiation yourself. If I handle the negotiation, we can discuss a budget ahead of time so that there are no surprises.

Fixed Fees
for Discrete Tasks

  • Demand letter preparation

    Flat fee available for initial demand letter drafting

  • Response to demand letter

    Flat fee available of initial response to a demand letter

Hourly Rates
for Other Work

  • Negotiation and other non-discrete tasks

    Available at an hourly rate.

Simple Demand Letter

$ 599 Starting at
  • Requires that you provide all information requested on our intake form
  • Limited to simple and clear infringement/ non-infringement issues

Complex Demand Letter

$ 1599 Starting at
  • For more complex demand letters requiring fact research or more complex legal arguments