Florida Trademark Applications

Most brand owners file a federal trademark application in lieu of or in addition to a Florida state trademark application. This is because a federal trademark application covers all of the USA and is not limited to a specific state. But to file a federal trademark application, you must be selling/transporting goods or service in commerce that can be regulated by US Congress.

If your goods/services are offered only in intrastate commerce, or in a manner which cannot be regulated by US Congress, then your only option may be to file a state trademark application. A Florida state trademark application can only be filed based on actual use in Florida commerce (ie., you cannot file an “intent to use” Florida state trademark application). 

There can be additional considerations which can justify filing a Florida state trademark application, so make sure to speak with a Florida trademark attorney about your specific circumstances. 

To learn more about a Florida state trademark application, contact a Florida trademark attorney at Joshua IP. You can also learn more about Florida trademark applications on the Florida Department of State website:  Florida state trademark applications on Sunbiz